The Language of Automation

Powerful, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use automation for Macintosh systems.

Everyone who uses a computer knows how daunting it can be to perform the same series of tasks over and over again. For example, try to change the name of 75 files in a folder and you'll soon realize how time-consuming and stressful repetitive actions can be. Isn't there an easier way?

Yes, it's called AppleScript.

AppleScript is an English-like language used to create script files that control the actions of the computer and the applications that run on it. Much more than just a macro-language, which simply repeats your recorded actions, AppleScript scripts can "think." Scripts can make decisions based on user-interaction or by parsing and analyzing data, documents or situations. AppleScript scripts can automate much of what we do, make your time spent of the computer more productive, less stressful, and save us time and money. Isn't that what computers are supposed to do?

You see, the Mac OS icons, buttons, menus, palettes, windows, and keyboard commands we use every day, are not the only way to control the actions of your computer. There is another interface to the Mac, a language interface. Every Macintosh, right out of the box, can be automated and controlled using AppleScript, which is an integral part of the Macintosh operating system. AppleScript is the language of automation for Mac OS X.

The benefits of using AppleScript.

Research has shown that a primary requirement of customers, professionals, and businesses alike is for customizable automation tools to enable them to be more productive.

  1. For individuals, AppleScript provides shortcuts for complex tasks like naming files, resetting preferences, or connecting to the Internet. Many customers find the dozens of scripts provided with the Mac OS to be essential helpers in their day-to-day Mac experience.
  2. For professionals, AppleScript is the extra pair of hands performing repetitive tasks, retrieving data and files from remote servers, and executing scheduled updates and errands. AppleScript can process hundreds of files while you're free to focus on other issues.
  3. For businesses, automated AppleScript-based workflows provide consistency, accuracy, and speed while delivering a reduced cost for time, materials and staff. More gets done in less time and with fewer mistakes. Most importantly, AppleScript-based automation solutions provide businesses with the means to scale their operations without incurring prohibitive expenditures for personnel increases.
  4. Developers and Solution Providers use AppleScript to create easy-to-use automation tools, delivered as custom scripts, applets, applications, and Automator actions, that deliver real-world value for their customers. Customers that use automation solutions remain loyal partners in the growth and development of scriptable products.

Since its introduction in 1992, AppleScript has proven to be the best tool for making life with a computer a productive experience.