Resources for AppleScriptObjC

Since its introduction in OS X 10.6, support for AppleScriptObjC has grown significantly. Since OS X Yosemite, it is available everywhere, all the time.

This is the place to find tools and documentation to help take advantage of this powerful AppleScript resource.

'Everyday AppleScriptObjC', Third Edition

AppleScriptObjC was introduced largely as a replacement for AppleScript Studio, as a way to develop AppleScript-based applications with a rich interface in Xcode. Subsequent releases have made it increasingly more accessible to regular scripters.

Not every script needs a complex interface, and not every scripter wants to master the complications of Xcode. AppleScriptObjC offers abilities most scripters want in their standard AppleScript applets or scripts. 'Everyday AppleScriptObjC' looks at AppleScriptObjC from this perspective: how to take advantage of this great resource in your everyday scripts.

'Everyday AppleScriptObjC', Third Edition is the ideal introduction for scripters wanting to use AppleScriptObjC in El Capitan, Yosemite and Mavericks. Read more here.

Script Libraries

My free script libraries include Myriad Tables Lib, FileManagerLib, PrefsStorageLib, RegexAndStuffLib, Metadata Lib, SQLite Lib, CalendarLib EC, FileTagsLib, Dialog Toolkit Plus and BridgePlus. Read more here.

Script Geek

Settle those arguments: Script is a free script timer for geeks. Version 2.0 now available.Read more here.

Myriad Helpers v2.0.2

Myriad Helpers is a free collection of Objective-C files that simplify some of the coding involved in AppleScriptObjC in Xcode projects. Read more here.