Installing Automator Service Files

The following documentation describes how to install Automator service workflow files downloaded from this website.

Automator Service Workflow Files and Security


Standard installation of an Automator service is usually accomplished by double-clicking the workflow file  (⬆ see above )  in the Finder. However, because of the security settings on your computer, doing so may summon the following security dialog:


This dialog appears because:

  • Automator workflow files are currently saved unsigned (without an Apple developer signature), and
  • the GateKeeper security settings in the Privacy system preference on your computer are set (by default) to only allow developer-signed workflow files be opened.  (⬇ see below ) 

File-Specific User Approval

Fortunately, OS X provides a mechanism for knowingly opening a quarantined workflow file.

DO THIS ►Right-click on the workflow file in the Finder to summon the Finder’s contextual menu. Choose Open from this menu:  (⬇ see below ) 


A second security dialog appears, but contains an option for opening the workflow file.  (⬇ see below ) 


DO THIS ►Click the Open button in the security dialog.  (⬆ see above ) 

Standard Workflow Service Installation

Now that you’ve approved the workflow file for opening, the standard service workflow installation process will begin with the presentation of the Service Installer dialog.  (⬇ see below ) 


DO THIS ►To installer the Automator service, click the Install button in the Service Installer dialog.  (⬆ see above ) 

The workflow service will be installed in the Services folder in your user Library folder, and a completion notification dialog will offer the view the installed service in Automator.  (⬇ see below )