Introduction ( v1.0 )

Sharing Content Locally

The creation of digital content is only the first half of the learning process. Content is meant to be shared, and there is the challenge: to be able to easily share the content you develop with others in your local network or classroom. Fortunately, OS X provides multiple methods and architectures for quickly sharing content locally, even to iOS devices. This workshop will introduce you each of these built-in sharing tools.

airdrop-512 public-folder-512 sites-folder-512
AirDrop Public Folder Personal Web-Sharing

Easily Sharing Content Locally

Specifically, this workshop will examine three sharing methods in OS X:

  1. AirDrop - Peer-to-peer WiFi connectivity that works between computers, without the need for a network.
  2. Public Folder - Using the built-in personal file sharing architecture of OS X, derived from its UNIX underpinnings, to mount shared directories on each others computers.
  3. Personal Web-Sharing - Enabling the web server capabilities of OS X to publish files over your local network to other computers and iOS devices.

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