Introduction ( v1.0 )

Simple Template Publishing in HTML

In this guided hands-on workshop you will learn how to use the automation tools of OS X to quickly transform existing text, text files, and digital media such as images, and audio/video clips, into simple web-applications, saved in standard HTML format, viewable on computers and mobile devices.

Easily Creating and Sharing Content

The ability to easily create and share information is an essential requirement for businesses and classrooms alike. Both business professionals and teachers are searching for light-weight publishing tools that:

  1. Are reliable, fast, and easy-to-use
  2. Produce publications that display their content in an attractive and organized manner
  3. Produce publications that are self-contained, easily distributed, and viewable by a variety of devices and platforms

Fortunately, the automation architecture of OS X enables the development of such focused publishing tools. These tools remove the need for the staffer or student to perform the detailed and laborious work involved in creating a publication; thereby enabling them to focus their efforts on the development of the most important element of a publication — its content.

This workshop will examine and demonstrate two automated template-based publishing solutions:

  1. Creating a Single-Page Scrollable Publication
  2. Creating a Multi-Column Article Publication

All of the example publications will be HTML-based, incorporating internet-standard HTML 5, JavaScript, and CCS elements. And each publication will be viewable as either as a website component, or as a self-running desktop application.

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